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Past Projects


  • 2015
    (4th run)

    NUS, Department of EE & Computer Engineering, FOE

    Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof Tan Kok Kiong
    Entrepreneurial Leads 1: Arun Shankar Narayanan; Kyaw Ko Ko Htet (Steve)
    Entrepreneurial Leads 2: Pitchaya Sunthanakul
    Team members: Yeoh Wui Keat

    Project description: A sensor technology that has innovative sensing approaches and applied algorithm.

  • 2015
    (4th run)

    NUS, Department of Chemistry, FOS

    Principal Investigators: Asst Prof Chiu Ngar Chee, Gigi
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Liu Yuanjie, Research Assistant

    Project description: This is a device to measure in vitro drug dissolution/absorption at the same time. This device is expected to provide two major advantages compared to current standard drug dissolution tester: (1) measure drug release and absorption that is more relevant to physiological condition in one test, (2) to provide reliable prediction of a drug’s in vivo behaviour based on the device.

  • 2015
    (4th run)

    NUS, Department of Biomedical Engineering, FOE

    Principal Investigators: Asst Prof Yu Haoyong
    Entrepreneurial Leads 1: Dr. Guo Zhao, Francisco Anaya Reyes
    Entrepreneurial Leads 2: Averil Chen
    Team members: Ryan Koh Zhao Yuan, Lizhu, James Ye Jing

    Project description: A lightweight and low-profile wearable walking assistive device which, instead of giving full support, provides certain amounts of assistive force at the knee joints. The system of sensors and algorithms enables gait phase detection and intelligent control of assistive force. The compact device can be worn under slack pants and can be easily don and doff by the user.

  • 2015
    (4th run)

    NTU-HUJ-BGU CREATE Programme

    Principal Investigators: Prof Ariel Kushmaro, Prof Robert Marks
    Entrepreneurial Leads 1: Siti Zarina Zainul Rahim, PhD Student
    Entrepreneurial Leads 2: Debbie Lee
    Team members: Karin Yaniv, Raz Hilman

    Project description: Quorum sensing inhibitor molecules isolated from marine bacteria were retrieved. These molecules are indole dimer derivatives and are found to attenuate quorum sensing and to possess extensive antibiofilm and anti-virulence properties against known gram-negative bacterial pathogens.

  • 2015
    (4th run)

    Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Chemical and Life Sciences

    Principal Investigators: Dr. Saji George, Senior Lecturer
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Tan Chiew Nai, Lim Swee Thiam

    Project description: This technology deals with nanomaterials that co-deliver multiple therapeutic agents for pet/animal hygiene.

  • 2015
    (4th run)

    NUS, Department of Neurology, SOM

    Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof Raymond Seet Chee Seong
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Sebastian Khoo, Michele Goh
    Team members: Phua Chee Teck

    Project description: A simple to use device and related proprietary algorithm capable of synchronously measuring transit time between electrocardiographic excitation and arterial/capillary waveforms in a single limb.