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Past Projects


  • 2014
    (2nd run)


    NUS, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, FOE

    Principal Investigators: Asst Prof Raye Yeow Chen Hua
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Shruthi Suresh, Research Engineer
    Team members: Liu Yuchun

    Project description: This invention is centered on the detection and display of brainwaves, and subsequently utilising the brainwave data for a variety of different applications. Specifically, Emosis intends to focus on extending its system for use as a pain monitoring system to objectively assess the efficacy of pain-relieving methods.

  • 2014
    (2nd run)


    NTU-HUJ-BGU CREATE Programme

    Principal Investigators: Professor Robert Marks
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Cheng Ting, PhD Student
    Team members: Siham Ouasti, Wu Yuanyuan, Yuan Xintong

    Project description: The Biopen device consists of the integration of a CMOS sensor with immobilised glowing bioreporter bacteria within a calcium alginate matrix, which together can detect a variety of toxic chemicals. The type of chemical detected depends on the chosen genetically engineered bioreporter utilised. The light signal produced is proportional to the target analyte concentration.

  • 2014
    (2nd run)



    Principal Investigators: Asst Prof Liaw Sok Ying
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Wu Ling Ting
    Team members: Ooi Sim Leng Maybelline, Siau Chiang

    Project description: RAPIDS stands for Rescuing A Patient In Deteriorating Situations. This interactive e-learning software known as e-RAPIDS, is developed to train nurses to confidently identify and manage patients who show signs of clinical deterioration in the general ward setting. It has been designed to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills to understand, communicate & respond effectively during such events before patients collapse.

  • 2014
    (2nd run)


    NUS, Dept of Chemisty, FOS

    Principal Investigators: Professor Sam Li Fong Yau
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Lin Junyu
    Team members: Li Haiyan, Liu Feng, Gerald Chow

    Project description: G-Sense aims to demonstrate the feasibility of its patent pending technology based on DNA probe coupled with surface plasmon resonance for environmental and water quality monitoring. It is portable, high accurate, cost effective and reagent free.


  • 2014
    (2nd run)


    NUS, Dept of EE & Computer Engineering, FOE

    Principal Investigators: Asst Prof Vincent Lee Chengkuo
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Wang Hao, Research Engineer
    Team members: Lokesh Dhakar, Xiang Zhuolin

    Project description: MicroNeedle fabricates micro-needles integrated with CNT nanofilters. The device could be used for controlled release of bio-molecules such as insulin, DNA and cosmetics. The packaged device is a wearable patch with drug loaded and could be sold in normal clinics for a simple self-administration drug or in cosmetics but with a higher absorption rate.

  • 2014
    (2nd run)

    Milk QC

    NUS, Dept of Chemistry, Faculty of Science (FOS)

    Principal Investigators: Professor Chang Young-Tae
    Entrepreneurial Lead 1: Xu Wang, Graduate Student
    Entrepreneurial Lead 2: Divya Jain
    Team members: Animesh Samanta

    Project description: Milk QC is making a portable device to rapidly and accurately measure the amount of fat in milk. The first fluorescent sensor for milk-fat, which exhibits magnificent, yet selective, turn-on feature towards fat molecules. The portable, easy-to-use, handy device promises to help businesses in ensuring the quality of their product.