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Past Projects


  • 2013
    (1st run)

    Ablation Division Device

    NUS, Dept of Surgery, SOM

    Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof Stephen Chang
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Andy, Xing Chen

    Project description: Ablation Division Device which uses electrical current generated at radiofrequency to create heat in needles to coagulate tissue before deploying a knife in the device to cut the tissue.

  • 2013
    (1st run)


    NUS, Dept of Paediatrics, School of Medicine (SOM)

    Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof Heng Chew Kiat
    Entrepreneurial Lead 1: Ooi Shu Qin, Delicia, Research Fellow
    Entrepreneurial Lead 2: Daniel Kirilly

    Project description: Current cardiac assessment cannot predict risk and does not take genetics into account e.g. ECG/Treadmill test. The gold standard angiogram is invasive. CADRA uses both genetic/non-genetic data to predict risk of heart disease over time. It is non-invasive and genetic data remains unchanged over time.


  • 2013
    (1st run)


    NUS, Engineering Design & Innovation Center, Faculty of Engineering (FOE)

    Principal Investigators: Ian Gibson
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Shambavi Krishnamurthi, Rahul Rajeev, Nguyen Vo, Christian Halberg

    Project description: An end-to-end continuous health monitoring solution to help out-patients with chronic diseases quantify their health and share this data easily with their Doctors and Family. The solution consists of a wrist based device that measures vital signs such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc non-invasively and wirelessly; and cross-platform applications that record, analyze and display the health data. The solution can also detect emergency situations through the use of a multi-sensory approach and send alerts to the caretakers.