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Past Projects


  • 2017
    (MedTech Jumpstart Jan)
    Roceso Technologies

    NUS Start up

    Principal Investigator: Assistant Prof Raye Yeow Chen Hua
    Commercial Champion: Vijay Kumar
    Team Members: Jane Wang, Yap Hong Kai, Tiana Miller-Jackson

    Our technology is a novel soft robotic glove that can be controlled through on-box buttons, a mobile app, residual muscle activity or a sensor glove to trigger robot-assisted hand movement to the affected hand, so as to facilitate performance of rehabilitative and activities of daily living.

  • 2017
    (MedTech Jumpstart Jan)

    NUS Start up

    Commercial Champions: Lim Teck Sin, Georgette Kwek
    Team Members: Warren Stan Lee, Saurabh Bhandari

    A smart enteral feeding system with integrated reflux monitoring and prevention. The system comprises of both proprietary hardware and software. A feeding tube (LifeSafe Tube™) with embedded sensors collects data continuously. Proprietary algorithms analyze the collected data, weighing multiple risk factors such as patient position and physiological functions (ie: sneezing, coughing) to predict when reflux will occur. This information is used to automatically calibrate a feeding pump and optimize feeding rate in order to prevent reflux.

  • 2017
    (MedTech Jumpstart Jan)
    Gastric Clip

    NTU SysteMED

    Commercial Champion: Vijay Kumar
    Team Member(s): Shahrzad Rayatpisheh

    We have developed an innovative device which works as a vertical clip. This is replacing Sleeve gasterectomy in which the lateral parts of stomach are surgically removed. This surgery has become more popular in recent years due to being effective; however, it is still invasive and carries a mortality rate of 3-5% which is quite high.

  • 2017
    (MedTech Jumpstart Jan)

    NTU Start up

    Commercial Champion: SC Cheong
    Team Members: Dr Mohammad Esmaeili, Dr Asif Hussain

    H-Man is a compact low cost robot designed for the rehabilitation/training of planar arm movements with an engaging gaming visual interface to provide an effective and motivating training solution to the elderly and neurologically impaired population. It offers two active degrees of freedom through its H-shaped cable-driven differential mechanism. The advantage of this mechanism is that it results in a system that is homogeneous, lightweight and hence low cost, and intrinsically safe for use.

  • 2017
    (MedTech Jumpstart Jan)

    NTU, SysteMed

    Commercial Champion: Bipin Bhola
    Team Members: Dr Siham Ouasti, Luis Aiw Jia Hui

    A non invasive detection device that monitors catheterized patients and prevents extravasation based on differential polarization sensor technology.

  • 2016
    (6th run)

    NUS Department of Pharmacy

    Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof. Giorgia Pastorin
    Team members: Goh Wei Jiang, Shui Zou

    EXOPLEX is a novel drug delivery system of nanoscale dimensions with features of improved cellular uptake, cell targeting and low toxicity, as well as the ability for further functionalisation. Currently we are using EXOPLEXs to transfect or introduce genetic material into difficult-to-transfect cell lines and evaluating its commercial viability as a research reagent. EXOPLEXs would be a one-step transfection reagent with the aim of improved transfection efficiency compared to conventional non-viral transfection methods.