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Past Projects


  • 2015
    (4th run)

    ARTIC, Singapore Poly

    Principal Investigators: Jose Sepulveda, Centre Director, ARTIC, SP
    Entrepreneurial Lead 1: Nguyen Van Tam, Wil Lim
    Entrepreneurial Lead 2: Yeo Chee Hiong

    Project description: MARIM refers to Mobile Augmented Reality Interactive Manuals. At the moment, AR manuals can only be created by AR experts and are expensive and time consuming to produce. MARIM solves this problem by providing an easy to use editor that can be used by non-experts to create these manuals.

  • 2015
    (3rd run)
    Crowd Trails

    NUS, CUTE, School of Computing

    Principal Investigators: Dr. Kelvin Cheng, Research Fellow
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Michelle Chan, Judy Wei Shan Chang
    Team members: Barry Chew, Leong Shi Jie

    Project description: Crowd Trails is a location-based social app for creating and sharing geographic trails. Like a digital tourist guide or heritage trails guide, it features a database of trails for you to choose from, much like a wikipedia of trails. Trails are created by the people for the people, so you can create trails while on the go and share them with your friends.

  • 2015
    (3rd run)

    NUS, School of Computing

    Principal Investigators: Asst. Prof. Prateek Saxena
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Inian Parameshwaran, Research Asst
    Team members: Vaibhav Agarwal, Pratik Soni

    Project description: DexterJS is a website vulnerability scanner which scans websites for an attack called DOM-Based Cross Site Scripting. It is a solution which works across the most of the major browsers and has a zero false positive rate. It is very simple to use, set up and scalable in nature.


  • 2015
    (3rd run)
    Inspired By

    NUS Business School

    Principal Investigators: Dr Virginia Cha
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Li Guixiang, Wesley
    Team members: Han Ying, Wang Cuixiang, Yap Neng Giin

    Project description: Platform to allow upload of IP and others to be inspired by it and have the progeny of innovation tracked.