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Past Projects


  • 2014
    (2nd run)


    NUS Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, FOE

    Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof Hari Krishna Garg
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Chang Fanxi Francis, PhD Student

    Project description: The key LuxmiTel innovation is: “I know your email address, I can call you”. Voice calling is made simple, user-friendly and free, requiring only Broadband internet. Given the pervasiveness of email access from many devices available, a voice call made to an email address will have a far more powerful reach than a call made to a phone number.

  • 2014
    (2nd run)



    Principal Investigators: Professor Ng Hwee Tou
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Raymond Hendy Susanto
    Team members: Ang Boon Kheng, Christopher Bryant

    Project description: The NewParadigm team has developed a software that detects and corrects a subset of grammatical errors in English essays. It incorporates grammar rules and exploits statistics from very large text corpora to prefer fluent corrected sentences. It serves as a learning aid to help English learners in essay writing.

  • 2014
    (2nd run)


    NTU Department of Electrical Engineering

    Principal Investigators: Asst Prof Justin Dauwels
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Muhammad Tayyab Asif, PhD Student
    Team members: Nikola Mitrovic, Ansar Rauf, Patrick Jaillet

    Project description: Pegasus provides a scalable and accurate method for city-scale traffic prediction, thereby offering route guidance and avoiding congestion. A traffic variable (e.g. speed) for a small subset of road segments is predicted before extrapolating this predicted value to the entire network by applying the mapping functions, yielding predictions of the future traffic condition in the entire network.