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Past Projects


  • 2016
    (6th run)
    Virtual Health

    Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, NUS

    Principal Investigators: Prof. Chia Kee Seng
    Team members: Jane Lim, Tan Ken Wei, Edwin Tan

    Our agent-based simulation population – DEMOS – is a creation of cohorts of virtual individuals based on local aging trends and disease risk based on local studies. It simulates, at the individual-level, the population of Singapore that accurately reflects the current published data on health and other attributes within Singapore, and known scientific research for the incidence, progression and response to treatment of the major illnesses.

  • 2016
    (6th run)
    Test 1080

    NUS School of Computing

    Principal Investigators: Prof. Abhik Roychoudhury
    Team members: Dr. Abhijeet Banerjee, Aditya Swami, Rika Matsui

    Our cloud-based testing solution enables app-developers to off-load most of their testing work to our servers so that they can focus on developing the functionalities of their app. Our solution will help them develop high quality apps at a fraction of the cost. It can automatically find app-crashes, UI issues, performance issues, energy-consumption issues, data leaks and much more. We are also looking to partner with app stores by providing an automated solution for quality control of the apps that are published at their stores.

  • 2016
    (6th run)


    Team members: Darvin Kurniawan, David Chandra, Hendrik Tanjaya

    We are revolutionising how real estate investments are done by fractionalising property ownerships with the latest in fintech development using blockchain technology. Fractionalised ownerships will increase liquidity by lowering the point of entry in price points. With blockchain, fractionalised ownership can be recorded in a way that is safe and secure and easily tradable through digital exchanges.

  • 2016
    (6th run)
    One Space

    NUS School of Computing

    Principal Investigators: Prof. Mohan S Kankanhalli
    Team members: Dr. Christian von der Weth, Ashraf Abdul, Ash Goh

    One Space connects users based on shared interests. Users browsing the Web can communicate with each other as well as with users located in the physical world. As a cyber-physical social network, One Space enables new and enhanced services with the following features – adhoc socializing, social shopping, targeted advertising, on-demand location specific information.

  • 2016
    (6th run)

    NUS-Tsinghua Extreme Search Center

    Principal Investigators: Prof. Chua Tat-Seng
    Team members: Aleksandr Farseev, Ananthan Sanggar, Thiru Venkadam

    bBridge is a Big Data analytics platform that aims to bridge the gap between social media users, business and big data. It results in two closely related applications: bBridge Online, a social media analytics web portal and bBridge API, a social multimedia analytics API for other companies.

  • 2015
    (4th run)

    ARTIC, Singapore Poly

    Principal Investigators: Jose Sepulveda, Centre Director, ARTIC, SP
    Entrepreneurial Lead 1: Nguyen Van Tam, Wil Lim
    Entrepreneurial Lead 2: Yeo Chee Hiong

    Project description: MARIM refers to Mobile Augmented Reality Interactive Manuals. At the moment, AR manuals can only be created by AR experts and are expensive and time consuming to produce. MARIM solves this problem by providing an easy to use editor that can be used by non-experts to create these manuals.