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Past Projects


  • 2017

    Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, NUS

    Principal Investigator: Assoc Prof. Yang Hyunsoo
    Team Member: Dr. Wu Yang

    This is a game changing THz spectrometer with patented technologies that can screen for both explosives and drugs. It is a portable, all fiber based “click & run” machine that has the dynamic range of the up to 100 dB, and bandwidth spectrum range from 0.1 – 8 THz. We characterize these substances ahead of time and our Spectrometer can detect these signatures for Airports, Port of Entries and other application.

  • 2017

    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NUS

    Principal Investigator: Prof. Hong Ming Hui
    Team Members: Jet Chun Chion, Maria Ivon Climaco

    Harnessing the combination of optical and material engineering, Phaos Nanoscope is capable of providing resolution that surpasses most of the conventional optical microscopy techniques typically limited to 200nm. Object with sub-100nm feature sizes can be imaged under Phaos Nanoscope. Hence, the Phaos Nanoscope technology can potentially address this technological gap and open up new research opportunities and market for enhanced imaging of biomedical and soft material in ambient environment.

  • 2017


    Team Member: Nicholas Oh

    Enlitho is a nanotechnology start-up company from SUTD which specialises in micro- and nanoscale fabrication. Introducing Plasmonic Nanotags- a customisable and ultra-high resolution print image capable of reaching 100,000 dots-per-inch (DPI) resolution and can also be designed to incorporate overt security features. With an increasing demand of personalisation products, coupled with developments in counterfeit technology, these Nanotags serve as multi-functional prints capable of tagging, branding and providing security to precious physical items which current personalisation technology cannot achieve.

  • 2017
    om sensor

    School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU

    Principal Investigator: Assoc Prof. Yong Ken Tye
    Team Members: Abdul Rahman, Stephanie Yap

    This project utilizes a surface functionalized optical microfiber sensor with a wide choice of chelating agent compound to adhere onto the extremely sensitive sensing region, which in turn, promotes high customizability of the sensor. These include fast response time and sampling rate for near real-time snapshots of the water quality state of risk, low power demand, compact, and requires no special additional equipment or analysis time for multi-element detection.

  • 2017
    ultra dry

    Department of Material Science & Engineering, NUS

    Principal Investigator: Asst Prof. Tan Swee Ching
    Team Members: Dilip Krishna, Zhang Yaoxin

    Ultra DRY is the first commercial application of a novel, super-hygroscopic gel developed by SweeLabs. Among the gel’s many properties are its ability to absorb up to 4x its own mass in water and to regenerate quickly and easily. Ultra DRY out-performs established desiccants such as silica gel and calcium chloride, market valued at over USD 300 million per annum. Applications so far investigated, range from keeping scientific instruments dry to preventing “container sweat” to room dehumidification as a means of reducing air-conditioning requirements.