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Past Projects


  • 2016
    (6th run)
    Can I Swim

    NUS Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Principal Investigators: Assoc Prof. Karina Gin
    Team members: Dr. Genevieve Vergara, Dr. Le Thai Hoang, Dr. Goh Shin Giek

    Can I Swim is a platform for collecting and disseminating information on illness risks associated with microbial pathogens in recreational waters. It streamlines the risk assessment process and enables the public and authorities to make informed decisions about recreational water quality, health and safety. Its simple user interface includes location, activity and pathogen selection tools which are customisable based on user needs.

  • 2016
    (6th run)


    Team members: Dr. Zhang Yi Zhong, Dr. Liang Conghui

    EMMA is the world’s first massage assistive robot which aims to relieve the shortage of trained therapists in the TCM industry. The robot has a customised, fully rotatable 3D-printed massage tip, a 3D-stereoscopic camera for acupuncture points recognition and localization and a user-friendly interface and recommended guidelines for various sports injuries. AiTreat aims to build a cloud-based, artificial intelligent driven collaborative robotic system which can perform TCM check-ups, take TCM records and perform professional therapeutic massage under the TCM physician’s instruction.

  • 2016
    (6th run)
    Co-Space Robotics

    Singapore Polytechnic Robotics & Maker Academy

    Team members: Jim Gan, Raymond Yeong

    Co-Space Robotics is a new robotic concept that combines and connects robotics in a real, physical space with a 3D virtual-reality world in cyber-space. Designed to integrate infocomm technology, digital game based learning with educational robotics to interest, excite and engage younger generations. It is an educational platform that is a fun and engaging way for young people to develop computational thinking skills and early training in programming and algorithm development.

  • 2016
    (6th run)
    TFC Hollow Fiber Membrane

    NUS Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

    Principal Investigators: Prof. Neal Chung Tai-Shung
    Team members: Dr. Tang Yupan, Dr. Xiong Junying, Dr. Han Gang, Dr. Yong Wai Fen, Wan Chunfeng

    The thin-film-composite (TFC) hollow fiber membrane features an ultrathin functional layer coated on a high strength polymeric porous support. This unique structure and its high strength renders the membrane to have high potential across many applications (i.e. concentration/purification in F&B industries, separation in pharmaceutical industries, and water treatment). Having been successfully developed and integrated into one inch modules, this product has already been applied in a pilot to showcase how it can effectively harvest clean energy from waste streams.

  • 2016
    (6th run)

    NUS Advanced Robotics Centre

    Team members: Grace Chia, Samuel Ong, Michelle Tan, Krishna Ramachandra

    We have built an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) capable of carrying out active manipulation, passive surveying and data collection repeatedly and simply without the requirement for expert pilots. Using the inputs from a modular suite of sensors and actuators, we implement robust algorithms to enable way point navigation, computer vision, and acoustic localisation.

  • 2016
    (6th Run)
    Graphene Oxide

    NUS Centre for Advanced 2D Materials and Graphene Research Centre

    Principal Investigator: Prof Loh Kian Ping
    Team Members: Chen Yunxuan, Nipun Batra, Eric Lim

    Porous graphene oxide is a US patented (B2) material.