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Past Projects


  • 2015
    (4th run)

    NTU, School of Materials Science & Engineering

    Principal Investigators: Prof Lee Pooi See
    Entrepreneurial Lead 1: Vipin Kumar, PhD student
    Entrepreneurial Lead 2: Kenneth Ong, Vishnu Kumar
    Team members: Li Tao

    Project description: Miniaturized pump powered by piezoelectric effect that enables an efficient delivery of fluid transportation at a low power consumption. The pump size can be as small as a dollar coin with thin profile. The fluid delivery is stable and controlled flow rate can be achievable.

  • 2015
    (3rd run)
    Floop Point

    Floop Waters

    Principal Investigators: Tan Toon Cheng, Lisa Ribeiro
    Team members: Laurene Kwek

    Project description: The portable shower recycles the water and so extends the life span of a fixed amount of water, enabling a small amount of water to go a long way. As it is portable, the components will be light weight, and will be manually operated.

  • 2015
    (3rd run)
    Next Generation Wireless Connectivity

    I2R, ASTAR

    Principal Investigators: Francois Chin Po Shin
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Albert Chai
    Team members: Eric Toh

    Project description: Our technology is designed to fulfill the increasing demand for bigger data pipes due to rich media contents and cloud computing. In addition, this technology has also been widely touted for wireless backhaul in small cell deployment for next generation cellular network.

  • 2015
    (3rd run)

    NUS, Dept of Building

    Principal Investigators: Asst Prof Goh Yang Miang
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Zhou Zhipeng, Research Fellow
    Team members: Hoe Yee Pin, Wang Qiao, Mohamed Jawad Askar Ali

    Project description: A web-based design support system to facilitate selection and design of fall arrest and travel restraint systems for building construction activities.

  • 2015
    (3rd run)
    Quick Fibre

    NUS, ChBE, FOE

    Principal Investigators: Prof Neal Chung
    Entrepreneurial Lead 1: Dr Fu Feng Jiang (Research Fellow)
    Entrepreneurial Lead 2: Divya Jain

    Project description: Good drinking water quality is something that many of us take for granted. Low pressure RO membrane household device can help to protect the quality of your drinking water supply and remove the health risks.

  • 2015
    (3rd run)


    Principal Investigators: Dr. Koh Sueda, Research Fellow
    Entrepreneurial Leads: Thomas Wan Zilong

    Project description: Sailing is not easy for beginners to learn, because controlling a sailboat is not intuitive. We propose a design direction for a sailing learning system using interactive media. SmartSail visualizes the subtle changes of the sail not only for the sailor but also for the trainer or spectators viewing from the land. In addition, SmartSail allows sailors to graduate from relying heavily on augmented feedback to attending more to other visual feedback that sailors use without altering the focus of their attention.