LLP Singapore NUS Run – Final Presentation Day (Nov 2019) – Lean Launchpad Singapore
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LLP Singapore NUS Run – Final Presentation Day (Nov 2019)

Venue: The Hangar by NUS Enterprise, i3 Building Level 1, 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore 119613

Date: November 4, 2019

Time: 12.00pm – 6.00pm

Food & Beverages: Lunch, Tea

Admission Fee: By invitation only

Nature of Event: By invitation only

LLP Singapore NUS Run – Final Presentation Day (Nov 2019)

The teams from the Lean LaunchPad Singapore programme NUS Run 6 are excited to share with you their learning journeys!

Coming from three different tracks – Med Tech and Engineering – 12 teams will be presenting their business model hypotheses, how they developed and field validated them with real customers in the targeted markets, pivoted their business models and then re-iterated the process to discover their beach head markets… all done in ten intensive weeks!


12.00pm : Registration and Lunch

1.00pm : Opening Address

1.00 – 2.20pm : Engineering Track

  1. 3D Waves – Providing ecnomic and superior microwave/millimetre wave solutions for Telcom companies by using a new design of Luneburg Lens antenna
  2. AirQ – Providing cost-effective, real-time and location-specific air quality information and services
  3. Learnified – AI Sensing method to help parents understand and improve their children’s academic and learning performance
  4. Blue Energy Harvester – A breakthrough in membrane technology enabling economically viable, renewable energy from wastewater streams

2.20 – 2.25pm : Short Break

2.25 – 3.30pm : Engineering Track

  1. Ginome – Helping fish-farmers maximise profits through a portable device that can be customised to closely monitor harmful organisms, allowing for mediatory measures to reduce the occurrence of sudden, massive fish-kills
  2. VR4DR – Simplifying the creation of VR/360 videos, making virtual world building easy and accessible
  3. ReachBots – Specialized robotic inspection and cleaning services in hard-to-access environment

3.30 – 4.00pm : Break

4.00 – 5.40pm : Med Tech Track

  1. Nanolimus – Novel nanocarrier for sustained release of Sirolimus to reduce high re-intervention rates in peripheral arterial disease patients
  2. Good Moood – A natural brain health supplement to sharpen your mental focus, alertness and stay calm
  3. RelievIO – A medical device to relieve Small Bowel Intestinal Obstruction (SBIO) through rapid decompression, reducing hospital stays by 50% and rapidly select patients who require surgery
  4. Perfusable Knit – A customizable and automated knitting technique to create textile with liquid perfusion capability
  5. Capsule AI – Capsule AI uses deep learning to design better aid decision models for capsule endoscopy disease detection

5.40 – 6.00pm : Closing Remarks, Presentation of Certificates, Lite Bites + Networking