LLP Singapore NTU Run – Final Presentation Day (Jun 2018) – Lean Launchpad Singapore
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LLP Singapore NTU Run – Final Presentation Day (Jun 2018)

Venue: 71 Nanyang Drive, NTU Innovation Centre, Level 3, NIC-03-20, Singapore 638075

Date: June 28, 2018

Time: 9.30am – 1.00pm

Food & Beverages: Lunch

Admission Fee: By invitation only

Nature of Event: By invitation only

LLP Singapore NTU Run – Final Presentation Day (Jun 2018)

The teams from the Lean LaunchPad Singapore programme NTU Run are excited to share with you their learning journeys!

Coming from the Engineering Track, six teams will be presenting their  business model hypotheses, how they developed and field validated them  with real customers in the targeted markets, pivoted their business models  and then re-iterated the process to discover their beach head markets… all  done in ten intensive weeks!


9.15am : Registration

9.30am : Opening Address

10.00am – 12.00pm : Team Presentations

1. Water Purifier Gel – A point-of-use purification gel that absorbs, disinfects, and decontaminates nearby water sources into emergency drinking water

2. Beyond – Next generation high power and efficient wireless charging technology

3. Stretchable Energy Harvester – Tap your fingers to power the world

4. Microclimate Simulator – An integrated quantitative Microclimate Simulator that allows users to simulate and analyse the combined impact of external climate and local urban structure conditions

5. Automated 3D Printing – Modular system of automated 3D printers for mass manufacturing

6. Water Retention Formulation – A non-toxic smart wetting-agent to provide water retention in soil and self-regulated release of moisture to plant root without requiring soil churn

12.00pm : Closing Remarks, Lunch and Networking