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Inaugural National Lean LaunchPad Singapore Final Presentations Day

Venue: The Hangar by NUS Enterprise, i3 Building Level 1, 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore 119613

Date: October 23, 2017

Time: 8.30am – 7.00pm

Food & Beverages: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Admission Fee: Free

Nature of Event: By invitation

Inaugural National Lean LaunchPad Singapore Final Presentations Day

Coming from four different tracks, the teams in the inaugural National Lean LaunchPad Singapore programme will be presenting their business model hypotheses, how they developed and field validated them with real customers and discovered their beach head markets… all done in ten intensive weeks!

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8.30am: Registration and Breakfast

9.00am: Opening Address by Professor Wong Poh Kam, Director of NUS Entrepreneurship Centre

9.05am: Presentations by General Track teams

11.00am: Presentations by Med-Tech Track teams

12.30pm: Lunch

2.00pm: Presentations by Modern Aging Track teams

5.00pm: Presentations by Engineering Track teams

7.00pm: Closing remarks, presentation of certificates and dinner

General Track teams:

1. Eden Clear (High tech light changing films for increasing crop growth)
2. Soy Biotech – Okara (Biotransforming okara into functional food)
3. Sachi (Biotransforming tofu whey into a new alcoholic beverage)
4. MantaDroid (A non-propeller-based AUV, emulating the manta ray’s locomotions for underwater tasks)
5. AdFort (Precise ad targeting solution for mobile ad platforms)
6. EBN (A method of authenticating edible bird’s nest via hyperspectral imaging)

Med-Tech Track teams:

1. BiliOptics (Non-invasive, point-of-care device for post-phototherapy jaundice management)
2. Surgical Tools Checker (An advanced imaging system for rapid, productive and cost effective management of surgical tools)
3. EZCell (An advanced organ perfusion process for the fresh supply of primary cells)
4. Soft Robotic Sock (A soft wearable robotic sock for rehabilitation)
5. ACTORS (Adaptative and Compliant Transoral Robotic Surgery with Flexible Manipulators and Intelligent Guidance)
6. Tremex (A biomechanical device to detect and measure hand tremors)

Modern Aging Track teams:

1. Alo (A VR platform that enhances the well-being of seniors)
2. Cycling Without Age (A trishaw service for seniors to alleviate social isolation and share stories, while feeling the wind in their hair)
3. Doctor Bell (Accelerating access to trusted medical care)
4. Finger Reader (A user-friendly wearable device enabling visually impaired users to access visual information on the go)
5. IGAIT (An intelligent gadget for improving the abnormal gait for patients with mobility issues)
6. Project We Forgot (A social network for family caregivers to find support and access resources)
7. Mobearlize (EMMA: A simple power add-on device to motorize manual wheelchairs)

Engineering Track teams:

1. THz (High performance THz spectrometer for security screening)
2. Phaos Nanoscope (High resolution optical microscope for real-time, in-vivo imaging)
3. Enlitho (A customisable, ultra-high resolution printing technology for personalisation and anti-counterfeiting)
4. OM Sensor (Customisable micro-fibre sensors for detection for on-site testing of water quality)
5. Ultra Dry (High performance super-hygroscopic gel)